5 Tips for Picky Eaters!

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picky eatersPicky eaters can cause their parents a lot of stress and frustration. We all want our kids to be healthy and grow. Here are some tips that have helped us get our picky eater to eat! Hope they work for you too

1.One Bite Rule

The kids should try anything on their plate then decide why they like or did not like it. It takes 10 times for kids to develop their taste for something so be patient and keep presenting.

picky eater

2. Smaller portions, fewer choices.

This helps the children choose from food that you prepared for them. You can involve math to count their food and this can be something fun.

picky eater

3. Presentation, presentation, presentation.

Present the sliced food using toothpicks.

picky eater

4. Get your kids involved.

You can involve them in meal planning, buy food from the grocery store, help in preparing and serving the food.

picky eater

5. Talk about nutrition.

Inform them what are the benefits of the food they’re eating so they would understand why they need to eat it in order to become healthy and strong.

picky eater

Watch the full video here courtesy of What’s Up Moms

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