9 Super Cool Baby Tips And Hacks

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Babies can make you happy and crazy at the same time. Did you know that you can make use of these super cool baby tips and hacks to manage all the challenges that you face everyday? So make sure to pay attention until the end.

1. Bibs are your savior when it comes to feeding so why not stick a hook at the back of his or her high chair then hang the bibs? Genius!




2. Babies tend to wake up and cry when diaper change happens during nighttime or their sleeping time. How do you keep them calm? Use a night light!




3.  It’s very important that someone looks after your baby, so be creative and use your tablet and smart phone! You get an baby monitor in an instant!babytip3



4. Diapers get a huge space in your bag and a great tip would be putting your diapers in bag then seal it using vacuum. babytip4.1



5. Another smart baby tip is having a diaper bag for each car to make sure that you have everything that you need when the baby travels with you. babytip5.1



6. Anything can happen when you bring the baby outside, pack an extra shirt all the time. Remember, cleanliness is important if you have a baby to avoid any infections etc. babytip6



7. Does your baby cry because of he or she can’t fart?  The best thing you could do is bright their right leg to their belly then do the same on the left then lift both legs together. Boom, you got a fart machine! babytip7



8. Teething is a normal stage but this can also be uncomfortable for you and your baby. To soothe the gums, all you have to do is make some homemade ice pops and there you go you’ll have one happy baby! babytip8 babytip8.1


9. Record your baby’s favorite sound then play it during bedtime, you can make your baby asleep in no time. babytip9.1 babytip9

Moms! You can share more of your super cool baby tips and hacks by commenting below. Enjoy and hope this helps.

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