Digital Thermometer: What Every Mom To Be Needs

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Digital ThermometerBabies are the most priceless gift from God and if your delivery date is coming up soon then there are a number of things you will need to ensure that your baby is comfortable and remains in good health once he/she is home. Here is a list of things that you must have.

Changing tables- since your baby will need changing at least 10 times per day you will need to be comfortable while doing so, without bending and having all the essentials at hand. A changing table provides all of that. Choose one that has

Child safety seat- If you own a car then you will need a car a child safety seat. Make sure that your car seat is installed properly and that it is safe.

Crib – a crib is the safest place for your newborn baby to sleep in. choose a crib that that has space no more than 2 3/8 inches between slats. The crib shouldn’t be painted with lead or vanish as that would be toxic for your baby. Bumper guards should also be a no as they may cause suffocation. You should ensure you do extensive research before buying a crib, never do it on a whim.

Diapers- you can choose disposable or cloth, however using both can be beneficial to your baby as cloth diapers are soft on the baby’s skin plus are also free of many of the chemicals found in disposable diapers. You should expect to use an estimated 70 diapers per week.

Clothes- you will not need a full wardrobe as yet, you can continue to buy clothes after you have brought home the baby and since your baby will continuously grow it is not wise to buy too many clothes at once. These are the basic necessities:

  • 6-8 t-shirts or onesies
  • 6-8 sleepers
  • 4-6 pairs of socks
  • 4-6 receiving blankets
  • Washcloth and towels
  • Hand mitts

Changing products – cotton balls, sorbolene (moisturizer), baby wipes, powder.

Stroller – make sure your strollers meet the standard. Check the harness, brakes, wheel and stability. Also watch out for gaps, protrusions and sharp bits. You should choose a stroller that is suitable for where you live, and that can meet your needs (fit in your car boot or can fold easily to get on the bus.)

Medical supplies – it is good to have the following at hand in case your baby gets sick and to keep your baby in good health.

  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs (should be used to clean the umbilical cord)
  • Infant nail clippers
  • Suction bulb for nose
  • Saline drops to help relieve stuffy nose
  • Non- aspirin pain reliever
  • Thermometer- (digital baby ear thermometer by Just-Brill) you need a thermometer that will give you the best results Just-Brill digital thermometer does exactly that. Most thermometers read in only degrees Celsius, you need a thermometer that reads both degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, this digital ear thermometer does exactly that.

Other Supplies

  • Breast pump if you plan on bottling your milk.
  • Bottle, teats and sterilizing kit if you plan on feeding your baby formula

Pediatrician– it is good to have a health care provider for your baby, more specifically a pediatrician who will be acquainted with your baby, who your baby can get acquainted to, one who can be on call and will know your child’s history.

There are other things that you will want in other to make your baby comfortable and happy at home and to ensure they get the best care possible however the aforementioned items are a necessity to your baby.

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